Core Values - Break The Wall


Corèle V. company inherit responsibilities values of  Financière B'Lao  (former name is Group Corèle International) Corporation

Most of the Group's return to Foundation B'LAO - Social Non-Lucrative Foundation Education Purpose    is to carry out the Group's activities, pioneering Social Responsibility (Life Time Education  -  Social Security and Housing) and the Environment.


Social Responsibility (Life Time Education  -  Social Security and Housing)

Responsibility for the Environment

Responsibility for  Customers - Partners


Pioneering Freedom

Corelè V. is a member  of France's Financière B'Lao  Group - the first foreign investment group in Vietnam in 1988 with the first investment license in Vietnam.

Corèle V. inherited the spirit of pioneering of its mother corporation, bringing the  French brands  adapting closely to the Vietnamese, in all segments.

Corèle V. Company has a unique position, integrated core development of the Group, bringing added value directly to consumers in Vietnam. Based on that positioning, Corèle V. Company professionally invests in market research, modeling, building seasonal collections, building a wide distribution channel, and specialized human resources

Corèle V. expresses the pioneering, creative and unique spirit that stands out in the international and Vietnamese  market.