Chairman - CEO - Founder



Chairman - CEO - Founder of Group Financière B'Lao (former name is Group Corèle International)

1988 – Present

41 years of Management Experience including 38 years at Senior Top Management Level in various industries.

Mr. PHU TRAN VAN  develops with conviction many actions at the societal level: he wrote a book: "Faire repartir la France et l'Europe-La Démocratie volontaire" -"Restart France and Europe-The Voluntary Democracy" - Le Cherche Midi Editor Paris-2011 - Prize Crésus 2011 received at the French National Assembly in July 2011. He demonstrates in the book the complementarity between the demanding social willpower and the economic willpower, to put organizations back on the path to sustainable success.

In this context, he intervened and will intervene in conferences, media, actively developing this way, he intervened and will intervene in the high schools called "difficult" in France, particularly in the context of the Equal Opportunity Program (Égalité des Chances) of the Paris-Dauphine University.


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