Responsibilities to Customer - Partner

Corèle V. is in charge of pioneering responsible to society and the environment, AS WELL, pioneering in the responsibility of standing with its partners - customers.


Responsibility to consumers in terms of quality.

The collection of the French brand of Corèle V. company  is offered 100%, along with the service, by the Scavi Group, another member of Financière B'Lao     Corporation.

SCAVI -  of 11,000 members  - French Corporation  has the largest human resources in Vietnam, the Top 10 in the world in the outsourcing service industry, with nearly 30 years of operation since 1988, with over 50 top international lingerie brands.

SCAVI is the No.1 Group on lingerie business  in Vietnam since 1988.

Scavi Group is the only Group in the fashion industry in Vietnam to build the European / Asian / Asian European Chain of Accessory materials in Vietnam. The quality of the products from this international chain meets the highest international quality standards.


Responsibility to consumers in terms of surveys

+ Closest to consumer demand through permanent surveys.

+ Survey of body measurements, through permanent update of the Vietnamese Parameter Library, to constantly adapt and improve the fitting technique and comfort of the internal medicine products for the Vietnamese.

The service comes close to the consumer

In order to help customers choose the most suitable design, customers of Corèle V. are always helped to choose the right product for her body style to always feel comfortable, fit, styling, good for health when using the product and at the same time expressing her  own style.


Responsibility of Corèle V. company to partner

Accountability to customers help, support the maximum knowledge of the profession (knowledge of the collection, design space, product presentation, service to consumers) so that customers can help consumers choose products with best service.

Help each partner breakthrough in developing and stabilizing their market share and efficiency, based on the sustainable competitive advantage of the Corèle V. brand, developed by marketing policy, DIFFIRENTIATION: collections, Sale price to consumers, distribution, promotion.