Company Activities:

Corèle V. is a member of Financière B'Lao (former name is Corèle International) French Corporation which is top 2 in the French lingerie - swimwear industry.

Corèle V. is a sister company of SCAVI, which is also a member company of the Financière B'Lao French Corporation.

Corèle V. is distributor of French lingerie and swimwear. Corèle V. owns the three brands:

  •  Corèle V.: lingerie for medium high market
  •  Marguerite: lingerie for mass market (brand will launch in mid-May 2017 in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, and continuously in all provinces and cities in Vietnam later on)
  •  Mâlefix: men's underwear for mass market (brand will launch in April – 2017 and continuously in all provinces and cities in Vietnam later on)

The French brands of Corèle V. Company make the differentiations in the market and bring better added value to consumers.


Vision - Mission

Corèle V. Company currently dominates the Japanese market for more than 60 years with Corèle brand in the premium luxury segment.

With 3 product lines for market segments in Vietnam, Corèle V. company aims to achieve an important market share in lingerie domestic market after three years: 2020.

From the year 2020, Corèle V. will continue its expansion in the international market, distributing its products in the French fashion-loving countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Korea, Iran, Russia and OAPI: French speaking African countries.